ATO Gender in Transport Profiles

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Gender in Transport Profiles

The Asian Transport Outlook (ATO) is proud to release its first set of Gender in Transport profiles. These profiles had been developed to provide an in-depth look at the gender dynamics within the transport sector of various countries, as well as policy measures that are related to gender in the transport sector. Each profile contains critical data points such as female employment statistics, wage comparisons, the share of females in transport-related employment, and the prevalence of females in high-level decision-making positions. Additionally, the profiles highlight policy measures aimed at improving gender inclusivity and safety within the transport sector, presenting a holistic view of the current state and progress of gender integration in transport.

The primary purpose of these profiles is to contribute towards the discussions on the gender disparities and progress in the transport sector, aiding policymakers, stakeholders, and development agencies in making informed decisions. By collecting, collating, and organizing available data from official, and vetted secondary sources, the profiles aim to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities for elevating gender equality in transport. Ultimately, these profiles serve as a vital resource for driving targeted interventions and policies that promote a more inclusive and equitable transport environment across Asia.

Gender in Transport Profiles

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