ATO Green Roads Profiles

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Green Roads Profiles

The Asian Transport Outlook (ATO) team has crafted the "Green Roads Profiles," an innovative resource that combines multi-dimensional data and indicators, with compiled excerpts of relevant policies designed to foster sustainable road infrastructure development and maintenance. These profiles are meticulously structured into specific sections, each focusing on crucial sustainability aspects:

  • Road Vehicles and Infrastructure: This section analyzes the current technologies and infrastructural practices, spotlighting areas for improvement and innovation to enhance sustainability.
  • Quality of Life and Inclusive Growth Indicators related to Road Transport: It evaluates how road transport impacts public health, safety, and overall community well-being, offering insights into social sustainability.
  • Decarbonization and Climate Resilience Indicators: This part details the emission metrics and resilience strategies necessary to mitigate climate change impacts specific to the road sector.
  • Other Environmental Indicators: It encompasses a broader range of ecological metrics, such as biodiversity impacts, noise pollution, and water quality effects, rounding out the environmental assessment.

Additionally, each profile includes a comprehensive listing of policy documents and measures specific to each country, providing policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders with tailored information to guide strategic decisions related to the greening of roads.

Green Roads Profiles

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